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"It is appropriately named The Sacred Space, you feel it with the statues and the sacred objects that are here, as well as the plantings and types of greeneries. You feel this place is very special and unique, so I call this a spiritual center. I refer to this place in Western language as a spiritual center because of these energies and things in it; in Tibetan we call it a sense of unique feeling about oneness and so forth, so this place definitely gives that energy. Being here you feel like you are transported into a different place, you don't feel like you are in an ordinary place, this truly feels spiritual and is special; therefore it is a unique space to be in."

— Nechung Kuten

Chief State Oracle of Tibet

The Dalai Lama's Oracle

Interview in Conde Nast

Traveller Magazine

Tell us about a great little

place you know.

“The Sacred Space in Summerland, California, a couple of miles south of Santa Barbara. It's a retreat owned by Jack Herschorn and his wife, Rose, and they're lovely. They hold meditation seminars and have a beautiful garden with rock pools and streams. It's also where I do my Christmas shopping.”

— Jeff Bridges

Actor,The Dude,

and all around great guy

Part of a discussion on Oprah's show, Super Soul Sunday:

"I was in a lovely little store in Summerland recently, it's called The Sacred Space."

— Oprah Winfrey

“A mix of spiritual journey and exotic vacation...Buddhist statues and Tibetan altar pieces give it the quality of a temple, meditation pavillions and Lily ponds make the sunken back garden feel like Bali”

— Sunset Magazine

“What is there not to love here?”

— Eckhart Tolle

“This truly enchanting space dazzles the eye with wondrous treasures both inside and out”

— Food & Home Magazine

"The true star of Lillie Avenue is The Sacred feels worlds away from the hum of highway 101."

— Santa Barbara Independent

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