Brass Reclining Buddha.

2.5"H X 8"W X 1.5"D

The Reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni Buddha (the historical Buddha) at his death. It is said that the Buddha knew death was approaching, and asked his disciples to prepare a couch for him. He lay there, reclining on his right side, facing west. It is important to note the difference in the position of the right arm.  If it is supporting the head of Buddha, it signifies that Buddha is resting. If the right arm is lying next to the body, the image denotes that the Buddha has entered Nirvana (he has passed away). The Reclining Buddha represents the potential all beings have to become enlightened and attain release from the sufferings which characterize the cycle of rebirth. The  serene, composed, and restful demeanor a reminder of the serenity that comes with enlightenment.


Reclining Buddha

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